Emeka is a friend of mine who is lactose intolerant. For people who don't know, Lactose intolerance in lay man's terms means he can't eat anything dairy or his days would be spent in a toilet.

For someone who should be avoiding dairy like the plague, my friend Emeka embraces them. Every day it's one thing or the other with dairy milk as its key ingredient, and whenever I warn him, Emeka responds by saying he's living life on the edge.

Yes dear you're living life on the edge...... Of your toilet dear. You're taking a risk all in the name of YOLO and maybe it's not as serious as I'm painting it out be.

"You worry too much. Besides how can I completely avoid milk or milk products?" He asks with a shrug.

I know many of you are silently asking the same questions so I'll share with you my response to his question. "You can't" I deadpanned and just as he was about to give his victory shout I interrupted "But you can take low fat milk or non dairy milk. I'm talking about milks such as:

Soy Milk; Soy milk is made with soybeans and often contains thickeners and vegetable oils to improve taste. It typically has a mild and creamy flavor and works best as a substitute for cow’s milk.

Almond Milk; Almond milk is made with either whole almonds or almond butter and water. It has a light texture and a slightly sweet and nutty flavor.

Yes people there's such a thing as Hemp milk. Hemp milk is made from the seeds of the hemp plant, Cannabis sativa. I know what's running in your mind but it's strictly for health purposes.

So there in stead of killing yourself daily and going through hours of diarrhea and vomiting, you have alternatives to choose from.

Today's fashion tip is for our fellas, our men who would like to look dapper in a clean suit. Grab a piece of paper, a pen and take notes.

#1. Fitting. When picking out a suit, ensure it fits well. Not too tight and not too loose. Having a rightly fitted jacket is the most important rule to remember.

#2. Lapels. Lapels give a definition to your character. Extra slim ones make you look juvenile, and overly large ones make you look old school. But while shopping, if you're ever in doubt go slim. Better to work around juvenile than old school.

#3. Buttons. If your blazer has three buttons, always leave the top and bottom unfastened. For two buttons suit, leave the bottom unbuttoned. And for single button suits, leave the jacket unfastened.

#4. Cuffs and Collars. Your Shirt cuffs, and Collars should be exposed about half an inch form the jacket sleeves and Collars.

#5. Trousers. Your pants should barely touch the top of your shoes and ensure you wear long socks so your legs are not exposed when sitting down.

So there you have it guys, now you can look sharp the right way. If you ever have any doubts look to Ebuka Obi- Uchendu for some suitspiration (get it? Suits inspiration. No?)

Let's play a 'never have I ever' game. Ever caught yourself transitioning from window shopping on the net to adding your card details for payment? Ever had to stop yourself from clicking that add to cart button? Ever had to pinch yourself a little to desist from buying more than what took you to the store?

If like me your answers are never, then you're on the right path my dear. If your answers are yes to any or all of the questions above, don't feel bad, it's really hard and takes a strong resolve to deny yourself the indulgence.

But as usual I'm your voice of reason, and I'm here to help you do away with that money devouring attitude.

First things first, you need to remember this; You're not Sinzu spending, You do not have money growing on trees. Even if you don't work hard for the money you spend, someone else does. You owe it to them to at least be sensible with the way you spend.

Secondly, Unless you've been told you have less than a month to live, there's absolutely no need to go on a spending spree. You have your whole life to spend this money. You have your retirement age to make it rain luxury for however long you'd have left to live.

Now, I know some people like to live according to the YOLO standard. I mean truly, you only live once right? But life is too short and at the same time too long to spend everyday like it's your last. Sorry to say but if you spend with that mindset you'll go poor before you die.

So the next time you catch yourself about to add the fourth pair of jeans to your cart, say to yourself; 'EVEN BILL GATES DOESN'T SPEND UNNECESSARILY'. You know I'm right. Bill and Bezos aren't in a richest man title race because they were impulsive buyers. Think about it.