I remember discussing with a friend a few days ago (or was it last week?), and he complained about having so much to do even though it was already evening (life of a creative, I tell you). Femi talked about all the works he had to finish and the nasty headache that was currently attacking him, posing a threat to his productivity.

I could relate. I mean we all can relate, can't we? At one point in time, we all have been Femi. So much going on, so much work to do, deadlines to meet, and that ever present nasty headache that only ever shows up the day you're swarmed with work.

So I said to him, 'try to relax' and he says the very obvious 'I can't'.

I understand Femi. I understand why you couldn't relax, I understand the guilt you would have felt if you actually put your work away to take a break when you had deadlines to meet, I understand the restlessness that would've accompanied you thereby defeating the whole purpose of you putting your work in the first place, and it's because of that understanding I got inspired to make this post.

Today, I'd like for us all to learn how to tap into our inner Zen. Zen is a state of calmness and an attitude of acceptance.

While writing, I tend to be as calm as possible because the truth is forced work is wack work. It doesn't matter who you are, anything you force, never comes out the way you'd like. It may not be trash but you would definitely notice it being below par.

So how do we tap into our Zen? How do we work with intuition rather than forced conscious effort?

Early Morning meditations work. If you've got a long day ahead, try waking up early and meditating at sunrise. There's something so peaceful about watching the sunrise and sunset that keeps you grounded for the rest of the day.

If you begin to feel like you're burning out, stop whatever you may be doing at the time and take a walk. The sun's rays on your skin, nature's breeze stroking your cheek, the steady rhythm of your feet on the ground, believe me when I say nothing is better.

Per chance, you're not in a position to go for a walk? Try a cup of relaxing hot beverage. Ah Mira! How can something hot be relaxing? Well it is. Whether it's green tea or just your regular tea or even coffee, the feeling of your insides getting warmed up is unarguably good.

Listen to relaxing music and practice breathing exercises. At this point, relaxing music is purely based on your interpretation. Personally, I find classical music and Jazz to be highly relaxing. So couple those with breathing exercises (finding a steady rhythm for your breathing) and you find yourself calm.

There you have it. Different ways we could tap into our Zen. Femi don't try to kill yourself again, just try out these tips.

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If you love fashion as we do over here you already know the power blazers hold. Blazers are super cool and no wardrobe is complete without one. When combined with other pieces, this fashion outfit can give a classy, Boojie and killer look. Whatever your flavor there is a blazer inspired outfit to match.

The blazer trend is a reoccurring one and it’s not too late to join the train. Just as there are several blazer cuts and styles, the styling options are numerous.

If you are stuck for some style inspiration here are our top favorites from the streets of fashion.

Pair With a Camisole and a Nice Pair of Pants

Photo Credit: @MIHLALII_N

Dressing up to work has never looked better. This is the perfect look for the Boss lady with style. Wearing a black blazer on green pants is absolutely brilliant.

Layer it Over a Pair of Jeans

Photo Credit: @MUNICH_G

Nothing says simple and chic like an over-sized blazer on a pair of jeans. Be it mom jeans or fitted skinny jeans you can never go wrong with putting these pieces together.

A Twist of Badass


Want to look like a badass? Try this combo. Nothing spells out badass like a blazer married with biker shorts and a pair of sneakers. The blazer adds a sleek finishing touch while maintaining an edgy element.

Wear a Blazer over a Jean Skirt

Photo Credit: @AICHATA_TOURE01

Pull out an over-sized blazer on a short jean skirt! This combination is mind-blowing, it’s definitely a show stopper. This transforms your outfit from zero to 100 in seconds.

Team your Blazer with a Sexy Bodysuit

Photo Credit: @iDESIGN8

Substitute your camisole for a bodysuit to give your outfit a cool feminine look. You can add a bit of spice by wearing a lacy bodysuit.


Photo Credit: @TOSTOS_

Ride in comfort and slay all the way! TOSTOS showed us how to be comfy and stylish. This style-inspiration shows us how to look casual-corporate. Team up a blazer with a piece of top bra and joggers. We are definitely here for it.

Pairing your Blazer with a Pair of Shorts

Photo Credit: @TOSTOS_

Shorts, blazers, action! Take inspiration from this fabulous style. Rock your blazer with a pair of shorts and camisole, don’t forget the clutch as you go.

Now that we’ve shared some tips and style inspo, be ready to bless the gram with these styles but don’t forget to like, share and tag us in your pictures.

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Hello to all my foodies out there. Today I table before you a juicy topic, something I'd love us to dig in to. A topic I'd love to shred to pieces, especially for those of us with coconut heads.

Whether you're a foodie or not, you most certainly must have heard this argument at least once or twice in your years of existence.

The battle of the meats. The argument on which is tastier, but most importantly, healthier for you, Red Meat vs White Meat.

For those of us who don't know, or have forgotten; Red meat is basically Beef (cow meat), Pork (pig meat), Lamb meat, Horse and goat meat (who's thinking what I'm thinking,

While, White meat is your regular Chicken or Turkey.

Now, I don't know what your preferences are, but personally, I prefer White meat chicken especially, here's why.

White Meat contains less fat than Red meat. Imagine consuming all of that fat every time you consume red meat. Every day red meat, every meal red meat. I laugh in obesity.

Red meats are high in protein, Zinc and Iron. That should be a win yeah but White meat contains all these and more. Yep people I'm talking calcium and all those important vitamins especially the vitamin B's.

The most important point of all, White meat is not deceitful. If you're someone like me who doesn't eat horse meat, pork or dog meat, White meat is for you.

No one can sneak any of the above into your meal without you knowing. If you're eating chicken or turkey that's it, straight forward. If it's red meat, I suggest you eat with caution especially if you're surrounded by sinister people.

Maybe I prefer White meat cause I have trust issues, but the health benefits are great too. Don't you think so?