Battle Of The Meats

Hello to all my foodies out there. Today I table before you a juicy topic, something I'd love us to dig in to. A topic I'd love to shred to pieces, especially for those of us with coconut heads.

Whether you're a foodie or not, you most certainly must have heard this argument at least once or twice in your years of existence.

The battle of the meats. The argument on which is tastier, but most importantly, healthier for you, Red Meat vs White Meat.

For those of us who don't know, or have forgotten; Red meat is basically Beef (cow meat), Pork (pig meat), Lamb meat, Horse and goat meat (who's thinking what I'm thinking,

While, White meat is your regular Chicken or Turkey.

Now, I don't know what your preferences are, but personally, I prefer White meat chicken especially, here's why.

White Meat contains less fat than Red meat. Imagine consuming all of that fat every time you consume red meat. Every day red meat, every meal red meat. I laugh in obesity.

Red meats are high in protein, Zinc and Iron. That should be a win yeah but White meat contains all these and more. Yep people I'm talking calcium and all those important vitamins especially the vitamin B's.

The most important point of all, White meat is not deceitful. If you're someone like me who doesn't eat horse meat, pork or dog meat, White meat is for you.

No one can sneak any of the above into your meal without you knowing. If you're eating chicken or turkey that's it, straight forward. If it's red meat, I suggest you eat with caution especially if you're surrounded by sinister people.

Maybe I prefer White meat cause I have trust issues, but the health benefits are great too. Don't you think so?

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