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So a friend of mine had decided to order something from one of these Dropshipping Whatsapp groups. I told this cow, 'use a trusted website' she said 'no'.

She insisted the Whatsapp group was legit oo. 'legit abi? Ehn okay oo. You're the one that know' I gave up cause, why take panadol for another man's headache?

One month later and she comes crying to me. 'Mira my order oo, my order' that did not sound like tears of joy, hmmhmmn. But, the cow was still shouting my order, my order and wouldn't let me speak.

I fixed it sha, ladies and gentlemen, a good slap fixes all (never forget). 'Goat what is it? Why are you shouting my order, my order?' before I could even yab her some more she brought out clothes that would fit a doll. 'You bought a doll?' (cause me I was not understanding again). She definitely wasn't in the mood for my sassy, her stink eye told me so, and I raised my hands in form of surrender.

'That stupid Whatsapp group.' was the only explanation she gave. 'you're going to have to stop expecting me to read your mind' at this point I was tired, I just went back to my phone (Shebi when she's ready she'll say what's biting her).

'THIS IS WHAT THE STUPID DROPSHIPPING WHATSAPP GROUP DELIVERED TO ME' she shouted the words with a hint of frustration (I'd be a fool to think it was excitement that had her screaming all the while).

Hahahahahahaha (Omo the laugh was not from here oo) 'Use a trusted website, no' I know guys it was insensitive of me to mock my friend in her time of sorrow but you need to see the ripped jeans fit for a doll. 'didn't you see the picture of what you were ordering? Didn't you specify the size?' another stink eye is what I got. So much for trying to be a good friend to this goat.

'Oya you've gotten doll's clothes now, what should I now do? Abi do I have doll ni?' I'm begging to be killed at this point. 'Oooooo leave me oo. You can't even comfort someone sef' with that she stands to leave my house. 'Oya, Oya, sorry ehn. Next time use Ekhie.com'


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