Five Suit Rules

Today's fashion tip is for our fellas, our men who would like to look dapper in a clean suit. Grab a piece of paper, a pen and take notes.

#1. Fitting. When picking out a suit, ensure it fits well. Not too tight and not too loose. Having a rightly fitted jacket is the most important rule to remember.

#2. Lapels. Lapels give a definition to your character. Extra slim ones make you look juvenile, and overly large ones make you look old school. But while shopping, if you're ever in doubt go slim. Better to work around juvenile than old school.

#3. Buttons. If your blazer has three buttons, always leave the top and bottom unfastened. For two buttons suit, leave the bottom unbuttoned. And for single button suits, leave the jacket unfastened.

#4. Cuffs and Collars. Your Shirt cuffs, and Collars should be exposed about half an inch form the jacket sleeves and Collars.

#5. Trousers. Your pants should barely touch the top of your shoes and ensure you wear long socks so your legs are not exposed when sitting down.

So there you have it guys, now you can look sharp the right way. If you ever have any doubts look to Ebuka Obi- Uchendu for some suitspiration (get it? Suits inspiration. No?)


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