The Evil That Is Police Brutality.

As humans there are a lot of things in this world that binds us, the very first should be our humanity. 'Should be' but it probably isn't. So, why don't we bond over our common sufferings?

Police brutality, harassment, assault by the ones meant to protect us. If there's one thing I'm sure of, it's the fact that this is a world problem. Perhaps it's not as common in other countries as it is here in Nigeria (the US exclusive of course, we all saw what happened with George Floyd and the ongoing protests being the effect).

I'm not exactly sure what the whole Vendetta against the late George Floyd was but I can at least tell you of the one happening here in the land of our forefathers.

Happy-trigger men, with little or no respect for the lives of those they took an oath to protect have been recruited into the force.

These men who are only concerned about their pockets as opposed to serving and protecting the citizens, take to different means to achieve their goal (after all mans can't come and die for government).

Now if you have never been harassed by a Nigerian police man, you're very lucky, blessed even. And if you have never experienced this inhumane treatment first hand, then I congratulate you for living a trauma free life and I hope it remains that way.

You see, we live in a country where being young is a crime. Being young and looking good rather (if I may say). They would tell you if you dress decently, you wouldn't be harassed (but I call major okoto).

Recently, one of the up and coming new school acts was picked up by the SARS unit of the Nigerian Police Force, from his cab (these people who should be anti robbery are now the perpetrators). Apparently, they stopped him, asked for his phone, searched for the Hangout application and any other sign that would give them the impression that he was fraudulent (as is their usual practice). They rough handled him, harassed him and caused him pain.

The sad truth is, this is the reality of so many guys out there. Some get robbed of their hard earned money (ironic isn't it?), others get locked up in a cell until they're bailed (with cash) by friends or family (and later these same ones will come out to shout bail is free. Well they also say the police is your friend).

What's worse is, for some of these guys, it's not just manhandling by the protectors, it's getting bruised, beaten, battered, robbed, and to add salt to injury, to live with the knowledge that these guys will always get away with it.

If you've ever been a victim or first hand eye witness, you know that the only crime committed is being young. Whether you dress responsibly or tattered, whether you use an iPhone or an Android phone, whether you're on dreads or low cut, as long as you're a youth, you're endangered.

I find it disheartening that these people being absolutely clueless about their jobs, got recruited in the first place. I find it particularly disappointing that no matter how much complaints are lodged, justice is never served.

Lastly, I find the fact that we're continually, deliberately, moving on and accepting mediocrity to be mind boggling and outright preposterous.

I hope someday we all would take a stand to say NO, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

I hope someday we decide to fight for a revolution, I hope someday we'll be free from the fear, but most importantly I hope these people take action NOW to reform and take out the bad weed before the whole system gets damaged beyond repair.

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