Use Your Voice.

This past month has been bloody no doubt. Well, bloody yet eye opening. A lot of people realized how mediocre the system is, and some rose up to speak. Others, well all they need is time (no pressure).

From the black lives matter, to Tina's killing by trigger happy men, to the rape and cold blooded murder of Uwa, to rape victims coming out to share their story, to a number of celebs being accused.

I can't say that this month has in anyway been good for our mental health, but we'll overcome certainly.

I love how these victims both male and female, are coming out to tell their story. I understand that some clout chasers have also been coming out to make false accusations, but that doesn't downplay what victims have been through.

It just puts a lot of pressure on our justice system to be better for it's people, and to do better for it's people.

One particular case caught my attention and I'm sure we all have been following it. The case of Seyitan, the lady who called out a popular artiste for being her assaulter.

This lady after making her accusations was allegedly hit with a law suit demanding 100milli in damages. She was allegedly unlawfully arrested, held against her wish in some unknown location.

More importantly, she was allegedly bullied for deciding to speak up. I know a lot of us must have followed the stories from the moment she spoke up.

She's a brave woman. I can't begin to imagine having to go through all of that. Plus the extra fact that the media is all up in her business. Whilst I'm neither here nor there on the issues because, no one is really qualified to judge on social media, I do commend her bravery.

I hope people see this as a motivation, to do the needful, to not hide or cower. Whether you're a victim of rape, domestic violence, police brutality, cyber bullying or whatever. I encourage you to be brave and mentally strong, for the journey ahead.

It doesn't matter if you're male or female, I encourage you to use your voice as it may be the only weapon you have. Keep your shoulders straight, keep your head up, stand tall, and never back down.

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