Your Life, Your Style

Updated: Jun 9

All my life I've always been on the unconventional side when doing anything, whether it was merely playing with friends, or dressing up.

Especially when it came to the dressing. As a young lady, I'd like to say that my fashion sense has improved tremendously.

I went from wearing my brother's clothes as a child (don't judge, I was quite the tomboy), to just wearing all things short (if it was up to my knees, it wasn't for me),

to wearing all things baggy (don't even ask).

At a point, my friends would always say to me "you dress too comfortably", "you dress like a twelve year old boy" (for real though I did), and I tried to change that,

I tried to change me. That was so unfashionable.

Isn't that what Fashion is all about? To be honest, I believe fashion in itself is a form of art. What is art if it doesn't express your uniqueness? What is the point of art if you can not diversify and be expressive in your own way?

The world is yours, express yourself.

My style was comfort, still is comfort. Heaven knows I would not wear anything I don't feel comfortable in. When it comes to my style, what is currently trending is not the most important consideration for me (I mean it's a key player but not entirely necessary).

So you know what people? While wearing what's in vogue is cool and all, I encourage us all to follow our hearts when it comes to fashion statements (or your pocket, that's important too) after all it is Your Life, Your Style.

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