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On this segment of 'Your Life, Your Style', I'm going to be highlighting some necessary fashion rules we ought to follow during the rainy season.

I started this post wanting to talk about summer, winter, and all of that abroad seasons but let's face fact dears, this is Nigeria. We have just two seasons; The Rainy season and Dry season (what we all tag Harmattan).

As the rainy season intensifies (cause honestly, this rain is not letting up anytime soon) it's best to dress accordingly in order to avoid stories that touch. With that in mind, I present to you 'Do's and Don'ts To Consider While Dressing For the Rainy Season'.


Do embrace rubber shoes. It's great for the rainy season and all the mud that'd be on the road. Great style, washable and water resistant.

rubber instead of leather.

Don't opt for leather or suede shoes or flip-flops. Especially the flipflops. People usually opt for flipflops but it just squirts back dirty water on your legs and clothes, so it's a no.


Do embrace cropped hemline. In other words, shorts, playsuits, pencil skirts, A-line silhouette dresses, anything to avoid wet floors.

Ditch the maxis for now and opt for pencil skirts instead

Don't be stubborn and go ahead to rock your trousers, maxi skirts and maxi gowns.


Do wear fabrics that are quick to dry when wet. Fabrics like Lycra and Poly nylon. Not only will they keep you warm, it also absorbs water really good and dries off easily.

Don't wear light knit cottons and linens or chiffon as they tend to shrink when wet. Also avoid denims cause they get really heavy and tend to smell if soaked.


Do wear bold colours in dark shades as it brightens up a gloomy day.

Bold daring colours to brighten up a gloomy, rainy day.

Don't wear light colors like white or pastels because stains are more visible.


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